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GlassParency - Authorized Installer

Ultimate in Glass Protection!

Our glass coating add-on is now offered as a stand-alone premium service! 

This two-step process creates a bond by reacting to the silica on the surface and within its pores. This cross-linking process forms a super slick surface, making any precipitation impossible to stick.

What are the benefits of GlassParency?

  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • No more water spots
  • Decrease in defrost time
  • Reduces glare
  • Bug splatter, snow, mud, and bird droppings don't stand a chance
  • Reduced need to operate wiper blades.
  • Extra durability to withstand the elements

Q: What is the difference between GlassParency and RainX?

A: RainX sits on top of the glass, which can last as little as a few weeks to only a few months. GlassParency is a true glass coating, which fills in the pores of the glass creates a completely level surface. When installed through Infinity Auto Detailing, we give you a copy valid through the manufacturer.


What are our customers saying about GlassParency?

"I brushed the snow off my windshield, then turned the defrost on. In less than five minutes my windshield was clear!" - C. Reason

Severe hard water spots that have etched the glass will require more time to create the most ideal surface before installation. Additional charges may apply.

Interested in a having your vehicle ceramic coated? We are certified to offer some of the best protection on the market!

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Our pro-grade glass specific coating is exactly what you didn't know you needed for your emergency vehicles! Experience the difference!