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On-Site Detailing:  Residential  |  Commercial

Decontaminate & Protect

✓ Pre-rinse
✓ Emblems addressed
✓ Thorough hand wash
✓ Two-step Decontamination
Clay treatment(mechanical phase of dislodging embedded particles from paint)
Ferrous iron removal(chemical phase of dissolving embedded particles from paintwork)
✓ Thorough wheel cleaning
Lug Nut Recesses
✓ 6-month polymer sealant application 
✓ Silicone-free tire dressing 
✓ Door jambs addressed

Cabin Reconditioning

✓ Door jambs addressed
✓ Thorough vacuum
✓ Air purging of vents, cracks, and crevices
✓ Dusting of sensitive areas
✓ Interior surfaces wiped down
✓ Headliner spot cleaned
✓ Glass meticulously cleaned
✓ Steamed cleaned
✓ Upholstery/carpet shampooed and extracted

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✓ Pre-rinse
✓ Hand wash
✓ Wheel facings & tires cleaned
✓ Wax application
✓ Door jambs addressed
✓ Thorough Vacuum
✓ Interior wipe-down

This option is geared towards our maintenance plan subscribers.

*NEW* Basic Wash & Wax

You asked, we listened, it's here!

✓ Pre-rinse

✓ Hand wash

✓ Wheel facings & tires cleaned

✓ Wax application

✓ Door jambs addressed 

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Listed prices are starting pricing, which may increase upon physical inspection.

Trucks +$10 | SUV/Vans +$20

Excessive Pet Hair Removal +$20

Excessive Garbage Removal +$30