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A La Carte

Child Car Seat Treatment


Car seat is removed, vacuumed, shampooed, sterilized, then protected with stain repellent.

Owner is responsible for re-installation. 

Window Polishing

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-Glass is thoroughly cleaned and polished to remove light imperfections and hard water spotting to restore clarity.

Trim Restoration

$20 per panel

-Faded panels thoroughly prepped and treated.

Headlight Restoration

$25+ per unit

Engine Bay Cleaning


Vehicle Debadging(Sticker/Emblem Removal)
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Paint Transfer Removal
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Glass Treatment
10% off with purchase of Level II Exterior

Odor Remediation
This purchase must be accompanied with our interior detail

Leather & Fabric Protection
Surfaces protected with professional grade specific products to aid in resistance to stains and liquids.

Why Visibility Matters

UV Exposure over time degrades the protectant on lenses, contributing to the yellowing or hazy appearance. Visibility is reduced greatly, blocking the appropriate light output necessary for night-time travel.

VIP Maintenance Program

Bi-weeklyMonthly | Quarterly

Save $$ and rest assured your vehicle remains in great hands!